Directed by Kim Sang-hwi , Lee Sang-woo-II , Song Hyeon-wook
Screenplay by Kim Pil-jin , Lee Eun-sang

•Drama •War •Historical
KBS | Airing dates : 2010/06/19~Now airing
Also known as “Legend of the Patriots”
20 episodes

Our ancestors have put sacrificial effort to protect our nations, and had built strong bondages with one another, in shows of patriotism and a comradeship! Now, 60 years have passed since the tragic incident of the Korean War had occurred. Many probably have forgotten about this war, and that could be the “reality.” Keeping this in mind we present, “Legend of the Patriots.” To prevent another tragedy like the Korean War from occurring, we need to vividly portray the details from the war, so that our youths are more aware of the war’s piercing impacts onto our ancestors. Through illustrating of comradeships and sacrifices from the war, we share applauds for the value of “peace,” and disdains for “war.”

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